Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's our favorite season

FOOTBALL!!!!  And like any good little football fan, Madie loves gameday.

Wreck em!

Learning the fight song

Daddy is going to the game with Grandpa, Uncle David and sweet Melody.  Don't worry Daddy, we'll be cheering from home!

Go Cowboys!

Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Months Old

Ms. Madie is 5 months old today!  Every month seems like there are so many changes but this month we have REALLY seen Madie's sweet personality.  She loves to laugh, smiles all the time and is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with CoCo.  She watches her every move.  Madie can sit on her own for a little while, but is still wobbly.  She knows how to grab everything within arm's reach.  She loves her baths and kicks so hard in the water.  She has tried rice cereal - loves, carrots - tolerates, butternut squash - loves, and avacado - cannot stand.  We are not quiet sleeping through the night but getting closer (wishful thinking Mom) !  She has the sweetest disposition and is really so much fun to be around.  Her very favorite toy right now is her purse that sings songs and has fun stuff to put inside it.  Maybe a clue of things to come, sorry Daddy she takes after Mom in that arena!  We love you sweet Madie Lou, you are our little sunshine!  Happy 5 Month Day!

5 Months Old!

 Give me those blocks...........

Almost got them........

Oh yea, they are mine!

Madie and MiMi with her new purse, bracelet, keys and mirror!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Wolf Adventure

This weekend was Chad's 30th birthday so we all celebrated with a surprese trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.  We had so much fun, no one as much as the birthday boy! Cooper and Madie played so hard and even made it to story time.  I'll keep it short because there are a bazillion photos.  What can I say, it was Madie's first hotel adventure.  Ha!  Thanks MiMi and Grandaddy!

Ready for a ROAD TRIP!

Cooper and Madie waiting on the birthday boy
Uncle Case, Daddy and Madie

Madie's first fountain experience!  She kicked SO hard. 

Cooper and Madie in anticipation of Story Time in the lobby.  They look so excited! All the kids come down to the lobby in their PJs and listen to a story at the clock tower.

Madie was such a good listener

Coop watching the talking tree

Madie ready for day two!

Splashing in the fountain with mommy

She was really interested in how the water was spraying out of everything!

Madie was exhausted!  She passed out. 

Hanging out with Grandaddy

Happy Birthday Chad!  We had a blast!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Recovery

Poor Ms. Madie did not feel like striking out this Labor Day weekend. She had to leave school early on Friday with a temparature and thus began the weekend of TLC and R&R! Lots of cuddle time, naptime and all day in our PJs.  I actually think it is EXACTLY what we all needed.  We were really disappointed we didn't get to make the McQuitty Reunion but will make it next time!  MiMi and Grandaddy came to see Madie on Saturday to make sure she was being well taken care of.  She was quiet smitten with her Grandaddy this time, everytime he even looked at her she would smile her biggest smile.  She knows a good one when she sees it. 

Here is Madie watching Star Wars, it was the ONLY thing on, ALL weekend long! Except for the Tech game which Madie watched like a good little future Red Raider. 

Finally on Monday evening we decided we could all use some fresh air and let Madie try out her big girl stroller for a little walk to the park.

We tried out the swing, but not sure she was quiet ready for it! Ha!

We are all feeling a lot better and ready for a great (and short) week!