Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's in a Name?

Madie Lou McQuitty is due April 9, 2010. Mike and I could not be more excited and dream about our life with her every day. When we learned that God would be blessing us with a precious little girl, it didn't take long to decide on her name. Madie (pronounced May -Dee) was my great-grandmother's, lovinginly referred to as Momma Chambers, name. The thing I remember most about her was how strong and sassy she was. She raised a house full of boys and kept them all in line. I remember visiting her little home in Cross Cut, Texas which was always smelled of good home cooking. I might mention she also raised one of the great loves of my life, my Granddaddy. So naming my little girl after her just seemed right. Lou comes from a long line of strong women in our family. My grandmother's middle name was Lou as is Mike's grandmothers. And of course, the greatest woman I know, it is my sweet mom's middle name as well. I hope she gets Nana's ability to get people to follow her, Granny's sweet disposition and Mom's heart of gold. So you see, Madie Lou is more than a name, it is a mixture of all the women we love most rallying around the little girl that will steel our hearts.