Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Madie officially graduated to "big kid class" (her words) this week! Oh my goodness my little girl is in PRESCHOOL (my words)! She has been so excited about Ms. Kristie's class and I have been so nervous and a little sad.  Nervous about the Monday meltdown.  Mine and hers.  Sad about the fact that my first born girl is growing up too fast and I want to slow down time.  But happy - happy for every new challenge she faces with joy and anticipation.  Happy for my baby turning into a little girl that makes my heart so proud.  Happy for every moment we have cherished and every moment yet to come.  Go forth my sweet girl with joy, anticipation and determination.  Today to Ms. Kristie's class, tomorrow - who knows. Your journey has begun.  I am so excited about what He has designed you to be. I will enjoy the ride with a thankful heart.  Thankful to be your momma first, your mommy now and I am sure your MOTHER at some point. I'll take your picture on that day too.  You can count on it!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Fun

The girls and I had a great weekend leading up to new classes for both of them this week.  Madie is officially starting the preschool classes and Marlie Grace is moving to the toddler room.  Life really does happen in the blink of an eye.  We decided we should do some shopping for new backpacks and went to Build a Bear.  MG thought that was so fun!  Madie about hyperventilated in the Disney store but only left with a Sofia the First backpack and a her HALLOWEEN costume!  :)

The girls getting ready for our fun girly day!

 Build a Bear fun!  The girls picked the two most opposite bears in the store.  Madie got the Disney Princess bear and Marlie just had to have the Camo bear.  Both left with tutus and bows.  :)

 The girls are really starting to play with each other all the time.  They love to sit in Madie's bed and play tea party, take care of their babies, you name it.  It melts my heart to see them becoming so close.
 There were no children harmed in the posting of this blog.  Although, this was a little questionable!  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Madie and Carly's Shower for Ms. Megan

 Madie and her bestie Carly threw a surprise baby shower for their teacher Ms. Megan.  Megan is expecting baby Wyatt in a few weeks and the girls were so excited to celebrate him.  Let me tell you, 20+ three year olds keeping a secret for over a week is no easy task! Luckily we had a lot of partners in crime covering our every move!  The best part was the book of advice the kids wrote for Ms. Megan to tell her how to take care of her baby.  Madie said to take him to the movies, one friend said to put the baby in a lunch box and carry him around, another said to walk him like a dog.  With advice like that Megan is set!

                                                  Two proud little girls

All things camo for Mr. Wyatt.  I even made camo cupcakes that by pure grace were not an epic fail!
Carly and her mom Lana made an awesome basket and Ms. Megan's special book.  Lana and I could be in trouble.  I finally found someone who is as eager as me to take on a project!  :)

 Fun with Friends
 Ms. Megan reading all her advice
 Thank you Ms. Megan for always taking such great care of our kiddos, we can't wait to meet yours!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun with Friends

Our good friends the Fischers came over to play this weekend.  There was swimming, bounce houses, sprinklers, magic wands, concerts, pallets, lions, tigers, and bears.  Oh My!  It was so much fun and Madie is already asking when "her" Payton is coming over again.  

Weekend Staycation

Last weekend we took a little impromptu road trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and then over to Frisco to stay the night.  The Aquarium is always so much fun and the girls had a blast swimming at the hotel pool.  One day we will actually SLEEP in the hotel, but for now we just enjoy staying up and playing musical beds.  :)  We will not give up!  Ha!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Aloha Layla!

We went to our next door neighbor, Layla's Luau birthday this weekend.  The girls had a blast and Madie has named two dolls Layla and refers to our sweet neighbor as "my Layla".  Ha!

Striking out on the road, little nervous about the foreshadowing here.  

Neighbor Hugs!  MG doesn't look sure.  :)
More Hugs!
The DORA pinata.  Madie keeps asking me why she didn't know that Dora's tummy was full of candy. 

Bounce house fun

Thanks for having us Layla!  It was way fun.  And Vanessa, I am SO paying you back in sugar at our next party. Hahaha!