Friday, February 28, 2014

Disney!! What?! What?!

A conference I was scheduled to attend was in Orlando at a Disney resort this year.  After Mike's blessing (he is a better man than I) and a call to Mimi, we decided to take Mae to visit the princesses while I was there.  I was so dang I excited I could hardly stand it.  As was she!

Here is my little traveler ready to head to the airport. 

Her first plane ride 

We couldn't even get out of the airport before the wonder of Disney began.   

 We stayed at the Yacht club and it was perfect!

Cheers girls!

 The first night we had dinner at Flying Fish on the boardwalk.  Madie got to paint her dessert. 

 One tired tiny traveler....
 After a day at my conference we ran as fast as we could to Epcot so Mae could see a few princesses.  Snow White was her first meet.  Yes, I cried.  

 Madie was wearing a big necklace and Mulan asked her if her grandmother gave to her.  She replied "I don't have a grandmother".  Mulan was mortified!  Until we explained she had a Mimi!  Hahah!  Mulan said she would have to start using more relevant grandma names.  

By this point, Madie was posing with everything.  We were overtaken by the magic of the parks.  

 We had hibachi the second night.  Here and Mae and Mimi toasting.  

Fireworks at Epcot
 Madie's special nightgown Mimi bought her at Downtown Disney.  This is where Madie's obsession with Aurora was born.  Mae is so lucky to have her Mimi.  While I was in meetings during the day, they explored the resort, swam at the pool, visited the arcade and traveled on the buses to Downtown Disney.  Two peas in a pod.
 The next night we went to Downtown Disney and it rained.  But we were not deterred!  Ha!

The magic mirror that showed you in all the princess dresses

 The last day we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's.  So much fun!

Then back to the hotel for a nap and to get dressed to head back to Epcot.  We had two major objectives:  Meet Anna and Elsa and have dinner with the princesses.  

SO the wait for Anna and Elsa was THREE hours.  Mimi and I switched out waiting so Mae wouldn't have to stand in line the whole time and she got to meet few other characters. 

Alice in Wonderland

Mary Poppins!

Three hours was SO worth the wait when Madie finally got see the Frozen sisters.  I was shaking like a leaf for her, I was so excited.  I will NEVER forget that face.  She was in awe.  She talked with Anna about chocolate and just stared at Elsa. It was adorable.  Mimi was a trooper!  She even got attacked by a bird while we were in line.  Ha!

After we met THE princesses of the hour, we were headed to a Royal Banquet hosted by Belle.  

Madie was SO excited to meet Aurora!  She got some special treatment by her favorite princess.  

 Sleeping beauty in the flesh.  

 Before we knew it, it was time to head home. 

Thanks for  great trip Orlando, we can't wait to bring back Little Bit!