Saturday, July 31, 2010

Resident Artist

I knew the day would come when I would have some lovely artwork on display on the front of my refrigerator.  That days has arrived folks, prepare to be in awe.  Madie's great great Grandmother, Momma Dee was quiet the artist, maybe someone in our family is finally going to get a little of that gene! 

Madie's very own Jungle Bird and Lion:                                        
Here is the artist at work: 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Results Are In.......

If you haven't read my previous post this won't make much sense to you so start there. Let me begin by saying that the Miracle Blanket should be called the Its A Miracle If You Actually Get Your Child In This Blanket. Oh my goodness, it even came with an instruction sheet. But, I digress. We got all swaddled up, turned on our fan, our vaporizer, our musical seahorse and went down for the night. By the way, I have been swaddling Madie since day 1 but the previous blankets could just not hold up to her donkey kicks. I don't know why I am surprised she did it three times in our first sonogram. I had 4 hours of blissful sleep. That is entirely untrue, I got up three times in the fours hours to do the "is she still breathing Mommy test". And then around 1:00am I heard the sound many a mom has heard at this time. The rustling of little feet trying to break free from their straight jacket followed by the "get in here and feed me, I am starving cry". And then again at 5:00am and then again at 6:30am. So it was better, but not exactly a MIRACLE! And if I am being completely honest, I totally failed Sleep Training 101. I am not following any of the rules. Everytime I go to her she makes me laugh which then leads to a conversation which then leads to endless rocking. Last night I even took her picture (see below). But let's face it, freshman level courses have just really never been my thing. I prefer real world experience, good old trial and error. So, let's get to the point. Everytime I went to her room she had busted out of the they can't get out of this blanket. My sweet Madie is going to give David Blaine a run for his money! And so we go on humming a familiar tune, "The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Operation Sleepy Madie

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet Madie decided she really prefers her parties happen in the middle of the night. We tend to party about every two hours. Well, in response I have launched Operation Sleepy Madie. I researched, read, begged, borrowed and stole from Mommies who have paved this road before me. So, this is how its going.................

We started with the vaporizer, might as well have started with a strobe light

Then we introduced the fan, you know to drown out all that noise. Well now she just has to fuss a little louder to drown out the fan.
So I read and heard about sleep positioners. Many a mom raved its reviews and guaranteed it's success, I ran right out and got one. That night my little Houdini had catapulted her body off of the said device and was lying horizontal at the end of her bed with the most adorable grin you have ever seen in your life

And then it arrived!!! The MIRACLE BLANKET. I have read all about it, it even says 100% satisfaction guaranteed right on the packaging. I thought it would never get here. We are trying this tonight, I can almost see the sheep lining up to be counted and the sandman preparing extra sleep dust for me tonight. Stay tuned.

I, of course, have told Madie that she is going to get the very best night of sleep in her entire 14 week existence. Then I noticed on the package, it says newborn to 14 weeks. BUT NO!! We turned 14 weeks on Tuesday. I don't care, we are giving it a shot, if only for a week. I am a rule follower you know. Here is Madie's reaction..................

In all honesty, I am not quiet ready for her to sleep through the night (insert laughter here, but I AM serious). I enjoy our little mommy and me time when the rest of the house is quiet and her big brown eyes seem to sparkle the most. I would just sort of like to have them in 4 or 5 hour increments instead of two. Oh, and don't suggest letting her "cry it out", not happening, I am not built that way, I don't care who it has worked for. Probably the same person who recommended the vaporizer. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rolling Over!

Madie has decided it was time to roll from her back to tummy. She was so shocked the first time she did and now I can't even put her down without her turning over.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

This weekend we took Madie to see the Alice and Wonderland exhibit at the Gaylord Texan. Although she didn't know exactly what she was looking at she sure did love all the bright colors and kids running around. I have never seen so many excited little girls! They were having a Mad Hatter's tea party when we were there and let me tell you there was quiet a bit of squeels of delight! We had so much fun just watching and Madie even made out with a new outfit, surprise, surprise. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

In true Madie fashion, she seriously observed everything.

Worn out from all the fun
On another note, Madie has become quiet the little story teller, here she is this morning talking with her snail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 Months Old

What's that? I'm 3 months? No way!!!

Ms. Madie turned 3 months old today! Time flies when you are having fun and one month certainly makes a difference. Madie can now roll from tummy to back, give huge toothless grins and laugh out loud if something is REALLY funny. She recognizes Mommy and Daddy and definitely knows her name. She has discovered her hands and just how tasty they are. Her new favorite thing is to lift her shirt or dress over her head and show her tummy. Watch out, baby flasher on the loose! Occasionally she also likes to show Mom that she knows how to remove her adorable bows from her head. :( Madie also loves to look in the mirror and grins every time she sees herself. She likes to play with Sophie the giraffe and kick over her blocks. She is in the full swing of daycare and is quiet a hit. Everytime we pick her up they say how sweet she is and comment on her outfits. No pressure there. :) She still loves to swing and sit in her bumbo. She sits there in the mornings and watches Mom get ready and then again at night to watch Daddy cook. The greatest thing about Madie is watching her study and assess every situation. You can just see those big brown eyes looking around and see that she is really thinking things over. I love that. I tell her that her thoughts are written all over her face. I swear I know exactly waht she is thinking and most of the time I agree with her! Ha! We are having such a great time. Who knows what another day will bring, let alone another month! Here are some more fun pics.

Look how strong I am

Madie assessing the current situation

Wow! My hands are delicious!
Mom's new favorite picture

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Better Late Than Never

It may not be the 4th, but boy did we have a great one! I may be a little late posting, but I went back to work this week so things have been a little hectic. That's my story and I am sticking to it. To celebrate we headed to Abilene to see MiMi, Grandaddy and Case. We started off our weekend by heading out to the Ball Ranch to see my dear friend Sherry and her family sing some good 'ol country music. We had a blast and Madie loved the music. On the 4th, Uncle Case tried to give Madie fireworks, but I didn't think we were quiet ready for that! Ha! And then, much to our surprise Madie decided to reach not one, but two major milestones. She laughed out loud for the first time and rolled over! She thought it was too funny when MiMi was helping her clap for herself. When she started giggling it was the sweetest sound I have ever heard. How much fun! It is hard to get her to do it, but occasionally it slips out. Then, during a little tummy time she decided "why not just throttle myself over?". You should have seen her face the first time she did it! We were all so excited. Now she rolls over so fast as soon as I put her on her stomach and is oh so proud of herself. I know this is only the first of her many accomplishments and we sure are enjoying the ride. Here are some pics of our fabulous weekend!

Happy 4th! Madie with a firework Uncle Case slipped her

Madie and me at the Ball Ranch
This was just too funny not to post. Think she was over the photography sessions?

Here she is showing just how strong she is and holding her head up high

Grandaddy figured out how to get Madie to take a great nap. Rock her to sleep and then DON'T MOVE!!! Ha! I think they sat like that for over 2 hours.
Madie all dolled up in her 4th of July outfit
And here it is, drumroll please..................................Madie rolling over!