Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yes this is a post about Easter.......

What can I say, it was only a month or so ago.  But there are some REALLY cute pics so it was totally worth the wait. 

We went to church on Friday night.  They had a ton of services and we decided to go to the first one.  The girls looked adorbs in their matching bishop dresses.  Even Carolina got in the action.  Unfortunately, no one really wanted to take a picture looking at the camera!

What would have Madie so intrigued and amused?

Granddaddy telling her his scratch on his hand came from fighting a grizzly bear.  And so continues the legacy of stories that are a little far fetched.  Let's just say it that way. 

 We went to Abilene Saturday morning and the girls had a ball.  It was so much fun to get a way for a while!  Marlie Grace couldn't listen to Granddaddy's tall tales because she had to keep an eye on Coco.

 That afternoon we decorated eggs for the Easter Bunny.

 Marlie really wasn't that interested in that activity!  Ha!

 Madie showing off her finished product.  We left some carrots for him too.

And they were SO happy to find the baskets he left behind for them!

 Let the egg hunt begin. 

The girls looked super cute in their bunny outfits but this was the best we could do!

Madie sharing ice cream with her little sister. 

 Before we left Madie really wanted (of course NOW) to take a picture with Marlie.  You can see how MG felt about that..............

 Forget it, I am NOT leaving!

Neither am I!!!