Monday, April 15, 2013

Party! Party! Party!

For Madie's 3rd birthday party we headed to Gymboree for a Dora Underwater Adventure.  Madie invited all her friends and was so blessed to celebrate with so many.  We had SO much fun!

Her awesome cake and cupcakes.  I SO didn't make them.  But I order well.  That counts, right?

 Adorable Hadley!  So glad the "Aggies"- as Madie says - came to play!
Listening to the rules.  Doesn't Madie look thrilled?  Haha!
Let the wild rumpus begin!
 Swimming in the ocean

 Looking for dolphins and whales!
There are no words. 
 Payton - who we adore!
 Wyatt and Madie
 Looking for lost treasure
 I cannot even imagine what these two girls will do in their lifetime together!  They are both always on the go!

 Hadley and Marlie Grace got right in there with the big kids!  Ha! 
 Pretty sure this was a bubble blowing dragon!
 I just can't get enough!  Obviously!  Haha! Seriously, how cute is she? 
 Riding the whale

 Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!

Hugging Jimbo the Clown.  Pretty sure Case was sure there was a real clown coming!  Ha!
 Love how Cooper and Madie were the only ones feeling the beat at this point!

 Time for cake!


 That was fun sister, now let's roll. 

Look Who Is Three!!

Our sweet Madie is 3!  It goes without saying that I feel like we are traveling at warp speed and the days are swirling by much faster than I would like.  But, as I say that, I must say that I wouldn't trade one yesterday.  Every day being Madie's momma is cherished and precious.  She has made me a better person, made me want to be the best person I can and taught me a love that only a child can.  Here are a few of my favorite things about our sweet daughter:

I love the way she says "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" every morning with enthusiasm
I love that she calls her sister "sweet girl"
I love that everyone is her best friend
I love that she can give a look that tells you exactly what she thinks
I love how truly concerned she is for others even at this young age
I love that she loves to read "Jesus Stories"
I love that she loves church
I love the way she dances and sings
I love that she gets blinged out
I love love love her big brown eyes
I love her stories
I love how smart she is

Here are some of Madie's favorite things (a few the first time I have heard!)

Out of the mouths of babes:
Favorite color:  pink
Favorite food:  pizza
Favorite song:  ABCs
Favorite thing to play with:  Tinkerbell
Favorite friend:  Coco
Favorite thing to do:  go to work
Favorite TV show:  Mickey Mouse
Favorite Movie:  Tinkerbell
Favorite book:  If you give a mouse a cookie
Favorite princess:  Cinderella
Favorite thing about 3rd birthday:  my friends and my Cooper

On Madie's actual birthday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo and then had lunch at a food truck park.  Daddy had to work but Mimi and Granddaddy met us there.  We had SO much fun!

 Ready for an adventure

 Princess Madie
 Sister thinks these birthday things are a pretty good idea!