Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trek out to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch last weekend.  We always have so much fun there and got smart this year and arrived soon after they opened on a Saturday!  Above is our best family photo on the hayride!  Marlie was so interested in everything around her.

Sweet Pea hanging with her daddy
 Madie loved all the cut outs this year.  We spent a little too much time investigating all our favorite shows.  Some I have NO idea how she knew who they were!

 Our little pumpkin in a pumpkin.  :)
 Annual girl shot with a new girl!
 I love that they have an old merry go round there!  Madie thought it was great fun and there were kids on it all day long!
 The girls hanging out in the pumpkin house.  
 Daddy making sure she wouldn't fall!  Ha!

 This little train ride made me a NERVOUS wreck!  There were no seat belts and she was determined to do it by herself.  I chose not to watch most of the time.  WHO knew a lawn mower could pull so fast? But she was grinning from ear to ear when they pulled back into the station.  Of. Course. She. Was.  Daredevil!
 There are no words.....
 No words for this either.  Ha!
 All these families were staging adorable sibling pics in the patch.  I tried and tried and tried......  This is the best I did.  Real Life!
 This pic is probably my favorite of the whole day.  I love my girls together and how they find each other hysterical!  

 Flashback.........Crazy difference a couple of years can make.  I love my sweet girls!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mimi Time!

We convinced Mimi to come for some good girl time last weekend!  Mom and I did a little lot of shopping on Friday while the girls were at school.  It was really nice to have my mamma all to myself!  Some things will never change.  

Saturday morning we struck out to Celebrate Roanoke.  Cute shots with the girls!

Here is what the girls thought before Celebrate Roanoke:

 Here is after:

 A picture is worth a thousand words.  I will just leave it at that!

That night we headed to our neighborhood's fall festival.  It was the first time the girls got to where their costume.  Madie was SO excited.  And Marlie was a trooper as always!

I am just going to say my girls were the cutest.  I am allowed.  I am their mother and this is my blog.  :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

State Fair Time!

I LOVE the fall!  It cools off enough to enjoy being outside and there is enough going on to keep you busy for weeks!  One of the important things on our list was the Texas State Fair.  I am SO glad we got the girls pic with Big Tex before his demise.  So very sad, I know it sounds cheesy but there are a lot of fond memories that begin with Big Tex for more families than just ours! I hope he is back next year, bigger and better than ever (and with fire resistant clothing - I'm just saying)!

The girls ready for their big adventure!

 One of the first attractions was the hands on farm.  Madie had fun pretending to be a farmer and doing all their daily chores.  She even earned a dollar for her and her sister and bought animal crackers and a power bar (don't ask) at the country store.
 Marlie driving the tractor, or rather, chilling on the tractor!
 Madie has a real love for riding rides!  She would ride every single one if we would let her.  No fear at all!

 Come on Daddy!  Let's ride some more!!

Such a fun time as a family! We ate, danced, and saw tons of animals.  Can't wait for next year! I love this sweet girls!

Oh - and we tried fried jambalaya, fried frito pies and had corn dogs. I think I am good for a year!