Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ridin Solo

The girls and I headed west this weekend for our first ever solo road trip.  Nervous is a major understatement.  However, the girls did fabulous!  Both slept the whole way there AND the whole way home! 

Here is Marlie representing
 Every cowgirl needs a horse.......

 Marlie Grace trying out the jump-a-roo for the first time.  She LOVED it, her little legs would move so fast!  Ha!
 My little sweetheart.  She is actually as mischievous as her two uncles (certainly not me).  She kept posing for pictures on the stairs for me and inching up each time as if I wouldn't notice!
 Madie and Granddaddy got up early Saturday morning and went to the zoo.  She was SO excited to ride in Granddaddy's "BIG TRUCK" she says in a really deep voice.  Ha!
 Meanwhile, Marlie Grace was showing off her incredibly impressive sitting skills.  She is so very proud of her newest accomplishment.  Really, so am I!
 All that sitting, shopping and horse riding sure can wear a little girl out!  Ha!
 The first of many, many times the girls will be able to play together in the floor.  Madie kept saying "Marlie is sitting up!!"
 Thanks for having us MiMi and Granddaddy!  I am sure you are still finding fairy wings and cheerios at your house!  Ha!

When we got home Madie wanted Marlie to take a "sled" ride with her.  Look at Marlie's face.  Ha!  Priceless!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Birthday Ever!

Mike and the girls really treated me for my birthday this year! First - they got me an iPad! Yay! Then we headed to Grapevine for a night at the Embassy.

Here are all my favorites at the Gaylord

Madie posing for me.  :)

She loved watching all the trains

Sweet Ms. Marlie enjoying the sites. She sat up in the stroller for the first time.  I think she loved being able to see everything!  Look at those big blue eyes - be still my heart!

 This picture cracks me up because she kept rubbing Mike's hair.  It looked fabulous.  Ha!

 After the Gaylord we headed to our hotel for the rest of the evening.

Little Bit was super excited to go swimming for the first time!

It's tough to be a bathing beauty.....

Madie rocking her new goggles. I was afraid we were never going to get them off of her.  

Checking out the boats at Bass Pro.  She kept telling us this one was hers.  Uh-oh.  :)

Sweet girls getting ready for bed.  Madie told me she loves hotel bath, she loves hotel shampoo, and she loves hotel bed!  Ha!  We may be creating a monster.  

My favorite dinner - Pizza!  We were even lucky enough to find a Billy Joel concert on TV. 

 After dinner we rented Hunger Games.  I was SO excited because I had  a perfect view of the fireworks over Lake Grapevine from my room.  I LOVE fireworks and hadn't gotten to see any this year so this was perfect!

 The girls did great in the hotel.  Here is Marlie Grace ready to head home.  

 Thanks for the most perfect birthday ever my sweet girls.  I could not think of anything better than spending it with my sweet family.  

4th of July

I love the 4th of July! However, I had to admit the girls were a little too young for my grand plans this year. :).

Mimi and Granddaddy came to town to celebrate with us. Marie,Mimi and I shopped while Granddaddy and Madie enjoyed the aquarium. We later cooked hamburgers and hung out at home. Still a great day! Here is the girls photo shoot!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year the girls treated Daddy to a low key day - that doesn't happen often around here!  Ha! We went to church and then took him to his favorite restaurant - Razoo's. 

 We even got Mimi and Granddaddy to come so I got to spend Father's Day with my daddy too!
 Marlie enjoying the afternoon.  
 The girls gave Mike a basket of his favorite things - mostly related to baseball - which included tickets to a game for he and Madie.  

Here they are ready to go! She was SO excited and had talked about it for entire week.  

At the game Madie got to eat ice cream, cotton candy, hot dog, french fries and chips!  I think Daddy's stomach hurt trying to finish off all the things she asked for! Ha!

The girls are SO very lucky to have such a wonderful daddy.  He loves them will all of his heart and is so good to them.  He teaches them about cooking, takes them places all by themselves, laughs at them, hugs on them and will protect them always.  There is nothing quite like a little girl and her daddy!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cooper is 3!!

We headed to College Station this weekend to celebrate sweet Cooper turning 3!  I say it all the time but time is flying by at an incredible speed.  I remember being in the waiting room anticipating Cooper's arrival like it was yesterday.  He is the most precious little boy and I am so blessed his is my nephew.  Of course, Madie ADORES him and wants to do everything he does.  Poor Coop!  :)

We stayed at a hotel with both girls for the first time - nervous, nervous, nervous.  Mostly for whoever might be in the room next to us!  But - it went great.  Both girls did fantastic and we all enjoyed a mini getaway.  When we got to the hotel Mimi and Granddaddy were already there.  I found this going on in the hall..........

Madie said they were riding the Choo-Choo!  Look at her face and Marlie is holding on for dear life!  Ha!!
 Madie got to show off her impressive swimming skills with Daddy and Case

 Ready to sleep in her big girl hotel bed! 
 This picture melts my heart.  Look at them holding hands!  :)
Madie couldn't wait to see the birthday boy

 Kelly did a fantastic job decorating for Cooper's big celebration.  It was so much fun and the kids all had a great time.  

 Hadley found the party invigorating! Ha!  Look at the fabulous swimsuit. 
 Madie was bound and determined to go on the slide.  I think she got up it once by herself but she sure loved sliding down!  She also jumped on the trampoline, ran through sprinklers, threw water balloons, shot water guns, and swam in the little pools.  She loved Cooper's birthday!
 The little bits had fun just hanging out inside.  :)
 Little brothers.........
 Mike and the girls watching Chad and Case slide down the slide and come over the side!  Madie said "I'll just watch!" - Smart girl.
 Madie talking to "my Case"
 My pretty girl
Marlie and Hadley were rocking the same outfit - totally not planned!  Ha!  Look how cute these two are
 Just the girls  
 Telling Cooper bye!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you sweet birthday boy!