Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nothing Quite Like Vacation!

We just returned from our first official vacation as a family of four!  We went to Port Aransas again this year, our absolute favorite place on earth.  I have tons of pictures so here goes:
On the Friday before we left I took my partner in crime to work with me.  Here she is enjoying some breakfast at my desk.  She even sat in on a marketing presentation!  She's been saying she needs to go to work ever since.
Lunch at Chili's
Saturday held lots of errands for the girls but we had to start the day with a pink donut picnic at the park!

Sunday night the girls got to open a prebeach present - jammies!  They were super excited and Madie kept asking when Mike and I would tiptoe into their room to get them.  She thought it was awesome we were going to leave in the middle of the night. 

Loaded up and ready to go!  I love MG's face in the picture.  She didn't know what was coming but was super excited.  

Pit stop in Austin for breakfast.
There was lots of dancing and giggles in the backseat the whole drive!
Finally we arrived in Corpus.  We had lunch, ice cream and a trip to the aquarium.  
On to the Island!  MG was fascinated by the waves when we got there.  
View from our condo
The girls declared these "their" chairs.  They were ready to hit the beach!

MG's toes in the sand for the very first time.  
We had dinner at our favorite place, Fins.  It was interesting.  I'll just leave it there and let my memories control themselves.  :)
Dancing outside of Fin's while Daddy finished dinner.  You can make your own assumptions.  We also went to the boats and saw 200lb hammerhead shark!  I forgot to get pictures but it was pretty impressive. 

We found a turtle crossing the road on the way back to the condo.  The girls thought it was awesome.  I thought it was awesome that it was the FIRST animal to secrete on Mike on this vacation.  That's right, FIRST.
Ready for our morning stroll to collect "treasure"


It was super windy this trip so we headed to new jetty to see if we could watch some wind surfers.  The girls spotted some dolphins!
There was  A LOT of impromptu dancing
I LOVED watching the girls together.  I can only imagine the years to come. 
More dancing

There is a playground right by the water that the girls loved.  

 Selfie.  Madie insisted I put it on here.  ;)

There was also A LOT of long napping on this trip.  By all of us.  Ahhhhh
Our sweet MG

My little super models

The last night we made our way to Winton's candy store and to get pictures with the shark.  

The ONLY family photo we got.  Right before a dinner Mike and I will never forget.  
We even got to peek in on the work they are doing in Mimi and Granddaddy's condo!  We can't wait to get back and see this bad boy.
Last morning stroll and feeding the seagulls......

Before coming all the way home we made a stop in San Antonio.   Mimi and Granddaddy were there and stayed an extra night to see us.  The girls were SO excited.  Madie walked the entire riverwalk saying "Mimi and Granddaddy, where are you?" Ha!
 Saturday morning we went to Safari Park outside of San Antonio.  We were able to see twin baby giraffes that were 12 weeks old.  They are the only ones in the country.  Madie thought it was amazing that they were sisters.

Our little Marlie loves, loves, loves animals.  This was right up her alley.

For the record, this is me rolling the window UP from this crazy bird.  I hate ostriches!

We made one last pit stop in Austin.  Stayed the night at a hotel to swim and went to Gatti's for dinner.  We were just bound and determined to squeeze out every minute.  

We had a great first family vacation.  Everyone was glad to get home but Madie has asked everyday when we take our next "acation!"  Not soon enough baby girl, not soon enough.  Mike and I
laughed a lot, we will cherish so many memories. (and block some too).  Pretty sure we decided we had spilled something at every restaurant we walked in.  Ha!  Wouldn't change a thing.  Not ONE thing.