Monday, December 31, 2012

11 Months Old!

 Marlie Grace is 11 months old today!  Holy cow!  I cannot even believe how fast this time in our lives is passing.  MG is absolutely precious.  She has definitely come into her own.  She is super mischievous!  She is always getting in to something but has this really sweet smile on her face so you would never suspect her.  Marlie has four teeth, that ALL made heir appearance at the same time!  She is eating a lot of table food and shares with her sister most of the time.  She loves her food! Ha!  Actually, there isn't much MG doesn't love.  She plays all the time, kisses a lot, talks a lot and thinks her sister is awesome!  Pictures this month was quite a challenge.  Those blocks are just WAY too interesting.  

Little sisterly love
 TOO dang cute not to post!

 This is when Marlie started her favorite game - dropping everything and saying "UH-OH!"

We love, love, love you blue eyed girl!  I could have never imagined how much more wonderful our lives could be and then we had you!  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Maybe Not For Hallmark Movies

Marlie Grace's worst  first Christmas was a little interesting to say the least!  Things started off fantastic as the girls I headed to Abilene early.  They couldn't wait to see everyone!   
They have Case just where they want him!
Poor little Marlie started feeling bad Christmas Eve and that resulted in a Christmas morning trip to the ER.  Just a little virus she couldn't seem to kick, but not the Christmas she had been witnessing on the nightly ABC Family Christmas movies the girls had been subjected to for a month or so!  All said, we still had an incredibly blessed Christmas again this year and were SO happy to be able to spend it celebrating with family. 
 Christmas cookie decorating is hard work!

 Madie and Hadley hanging out in Mimi's baskets! HA!
 I think Marlie is saying "look Mom!  She's crawling!"
 Several attempts at a cousin Christmas picture............

 These two were always up to something!
 The little bits
 My sweet Case.
 Standing in a sea of presents. 
 My sweet Case. 
 Before the fun began...
 Madie was going so fast I don't know if she even knew what all she was seeing!
 Marlie Grace loved opening presents even though she was not feeling great!

 Cooper and Madie playing with their new toys!
 Before going to bed Christmas Eve, Madie and Cooper had to make sure there was reindeer food in Mimi and Granddaddy's front yard. 

 Christmas morning the girls woke up to find that Santa had definitely made it to Abilene!
Madie had more Dora stuff than we know what to do with and Tinkerbell's house too.
 Marlie Grace got a new rockin' bike and a block to play with too!

 The pictures stop about there because it was shortly thereafter that we headed to the hospital.  My silver lining - Christmas isn't about the toys, the ambiance, the traditions.  It is about family, celebrating our health, blessings and Savior.  As I sat in the ER worried about my little MG, I couldn't help but think of the significance of sacrifice our Father made for us.  As a parent, it breaks your heart to see you kids not at their best.  You would take away every pain just to see them happy.  Could you even begin to imagine watching them on a cross?  Hanging on a cross to save us from our sins?  The unbelievable love it would take to watch your child be sacrificed will never be lost on me.  That is the reason we celebrate Christmas.  And this girl needed a little reminder of the greater purpose.  We are looking forward to a blessed New Year.  And looking forward to how we can bless others as we humbly lay it all at His feet. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reindeer Games

We had a lot of fun decorating and making gifts for our friends this year!  Madie was ESPECIALLY helpful!  We made candy, reindeer food, gingerbread houses, decorated three trees AND had a giant Elmo outside.  Whew!  Christmas is hard work!
Making reindeer food for our friends

 Gifts for Madie's friends

 Marlie Grace's friends got books and reindeer food!
 Gingerbread house decorating with Daddy.  MG just wanted to get her hands on some candy.  Well, so did I for that matter!

The girls before we went to look at Christmas lights!
Madie's favorite Christmas song this year was Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell, Tinker all the way! Ha!  We listened to it over and over in the car.  She asked Santa for "Dora stuff and Tinkerbell's house".  She thinks Marlie wants a babydoll.  MG seems OK with the proxy vote!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

I am still severely challenged by blogging on the iPad. And let's face it - a picture really is worth a thousand words. We went to Great Wolf with Chad, Kelly, Cooper and Hadley again this year. It was lots of fun and it took me 4 days to get Madie to take off her bracelet.  Ha! I'll let the pics speak for themselves.