Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

We had another really great weekend.  Chad, Kelly, Cooper and Hadley were in town for business and came by to see us.  Madie was SO excited.  So excited, in fact, that she was up talking about it at 5AM Saturday morning.  Dear me. 

I had to distract her since it would be HOURS until we got to see everyone.  (Did I mention 5AM???)  I grabbed this wonderful "decorate it yourself" princess mask out of the Target dollar bin.  Madie loved decorating it, little did I know once said mask was on it looked a little like a creepy serial killer you see in most scary movies!!!! Ha!

 We were SO excited when Cooper and crew got to our house.  Cooper and Madie played non-stop!  
 Cooper and Madie attempted a little art project while he was here.  The glue wouldn't stick just right and Cooper looked at me and said "I think we are all done!" Ha!  Here is proof Cooper - Aunt Cassie did figure it out!! 
 We were super sad to see them leave but made promises to see each other again real soon.  No doubts Hadley and Marlie will be right in the middle of things before we know it!  For some reason Madie keeps telling me Chad is a monkey.  ;) (inside joke- but you know it's coming Chad)

On another note - Marlie is totally into absolutely everything! If I put her in one spot, two minutes later she is on the OTHER side of the room.  She bucks and scoots and rolls until she gets exactly what she wants.  Can you say mobile??
 Madie is TOTALLY interested in art these days.  Just about the only thing she begs to do.  We got out her tent this weekend and decided to decorate some stars to hang inside. You can see what a wonderful idea she thought this was.  

 She wanted to show Marlie "her" stars and even sang twinkle, twinkle~

Before she went to bed that night she said "Mommy, thanks for the stars!".  Be still my heart, best thing ever!!

Weekend Warriors!

I live for the weekends with the girls these days!  We have so much fun and you never know what we may get in to!  I figure if you work hard all week you deserve to play harder on the weekend.  :)

Madie looking GOOD as we head to the farmer's market.  
 Listening to some random hard rock band at 8am.  Their faces say it all!  Ha!!

 Headed to the park
 Marlie's first time swinging.  I think she is a fan!

 Both my girls = happy heart!

 There are no words!
 When did you get so big?
 Our resident artist

Never in a million years did I dream life could be this much fun!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shop til you Drop, Literally.

A couple of weekends ago Mimi and Granddaddy came to visit, mostly so we could do some fall shopping! 

Madie is really developing quite a sense of fashion!

It was A LOT of fun and Madie loved it so much, she looked like this.......

 After a full day at the mall, we headed to Mimi and Granddaddy's hotel at Southlake.  Madie had been talking all night about jumping on the bed.  A treat reserved only for hotels, obviously.  Marlie wasn't sure what to think about that!

 It was so nice outside so we headed out to the fountain and then dinner.

After dinner we went to one of the other open areas wehre there were kids playing everywhere.  It was so nice and Madie had a great time just running and "racing" her new friends! ha!

We are having a lot of fun striking out these days.  You never know what might happen!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Lucky Gal

I remember, not too long ago, that it felt like I had waited a million years to become a mom.  Now, more than ever, I am reminded that God is always right on time.  Never early, never late, always right on time.  Thank you God for bringing these precious baby girls into my life at the exact right time and letting me enjoy every precious moment of being their mommy.  

This weekend we went to our neighbor's first birthday party.  Madie was SO excited to go to Layla's party and even picked out the present all by herself.  She kept telling me all the things Layla was going to do at her party - eat cupcakes, eat ice cream, dance - then she would say YAY Layla!  Sounds like my girl knows how to throw a party.  :)

Here is my sweetie pie Marlie Grace at the party

Madie was SO very excited about her goody bag.  She kept calling it her "prize".  What I did not know was that we were adding to it. When we got home I found forks, napkins and a plate!  Ha!

 On another note, since Marlie Grace is getting better and better at this sitting thing we have starting taking duel baths.  Both girls love it - although I am pretty sure the joint bath takes twice as long as the independent ones combined!  Oh well, they know they are running this show.

 To top off a super great weekend Grandpa came to visit!  Madie ran races, colored, jumped, and said "watch this" a thousand times!  She was SO excited to see him and he was a champ to play solid! Ha!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

6 months old!!

Happy half birthday sweet Marlie Grace! What a whirlwind half of a year. Marlie is the sweetest little pea. I know I say that every month but it is SO true. Marlie still thinks Madie is the funniest girl ever. She watches her every move. Marlie Grace is sitting up all by herself. She is so proud of this new skill and rightly so. I have no doubts she will be making moves in no time. Marlie LOVES her food. She gets so excited when she sees you get out the bowl. Ha! So far we have tried cereal, avocados, bananas, mangos, carrots and butternut squash. She has yet to turn up her nose at anything. She gets up once a night for a bottle but has gotten so good at putting herself back to sleep. Marlie grants the biggest smiles first thing in the mornings - definitely a great way to start my mornings. At 6 months old Marlie has traveled to Abilene, College Station and stayed in two hotels. She has been such a champ every time. Mike, Madie and I are so very blessed to have this amazing, loving little girl as ours. We love you Gracie girl!!