Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Obsession

OK - I am confessing, I have been a little more than just interested in the Royal Wedding!  As I explain to Mike, "it is like a fairytale movie I have seen a million times, but it is REAL!"  For some reason he wouldn't agree to speaking British for the day.  Probably because my British accent sounds a little more Irsih Texan than British.  So -  I woke up early to watch the festivities.  And decided it was entirely appropriate to wake Madie for the Royal Kiss. ( She is usually up ceremony time but for once slept in)

Not sure what you are SO excited about Mom, but I will indulge.

A royal treat for my own little princess

 And then Madie reminds me, you don't have to marry a Prince to be a Princess.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

For the record - Case Reid - I have a picture of you doing the EXACT same thing at this age.  Scanned and ready for the blog but some reason it won't load.  You can thank the technology Gods for that one!  Ha!

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend this year also just so happened to be Mike and I's 7th anniversary.  Mike had a great idea that would pack up and take Madie to spend the night in downtown Fort Worth.  This has always been one of our very favorite spur of the moment spots so even better to take Ms. Priss with us.

We started the weekend at the Fort Worth Zoo!  It was a lot of fun this time because Madie is really interested in all the animals. 

Loves the fish, just like her Daddy!

My what big teeth you have.......

Doesn't scare me!  (as long as there is this really thick piece of glass between us)

Yay for the monkeys!!


Insert story here - I quit taking pictures at the zoo because I just wanted to enjoy our family time and not document every second.  But there is one little thing that made me SO very proud.  We went to eat lunch at the Zoo Grandy's (yes, we splurge on anniversaries).  There was a young couple sitting next to us with three young children and one of the kiddos knocked over a coke into every one's meal.  You could tell they were very distraught and reordering just wasn't an option.  My sweet husband nonchalantly went to the counter and reordered their meal, had it taken to them and went on about his business.  Best anniversary present ever - knowing I married a man with a sweet spirit and giving heart. 

Once back at the hotel our bathing beauty got ready to hit the pool.

 After a long soak, we had a nice snack before heading out to dinner...

 What to order?  How about fried pickles and a grilled cheese? Yes she is my daughter through and through!  Ha!

 Bed time!

  Or maybe a little fun and a quick family photo...

 The Easter Bunny even found Madie at the Embassy!

 Our eggs we decorated Saturday morning before the big adventure

 And FINALLY - Madie's very first egg hunt!

Happy Easter/Anniversary weekend - it was great!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time to Party!

Madie's big first birthday cupcake extravaganza was Sunday. We had so much fun and are so blessed to have family and friends celebrate our little cupcake turning one. Here are tons - I mean tons - of pictures to capture our day. Madie's super cute smash cake and cupcakes were made by Kelly's sweet friend Sara you can find her blog here.  Decor pics are first so if that bores you just skip down one or two or 11.  Ha! 

Could you just die over this smash cake?  Thanks Sara!

 Outside was great until some imported west Texas wind kicked in and it got crazy.  All our family from Abilene and Odessa must have brought it with them!

 Mike and I made these cupcake pops.  I think he seriously questioned my stability in the middle but they turned out great!

 OK Mom- Let's PARTY!!

Madie's playset from Mom and Daddy

 CoCo is SO ready to party she can hardly control herself

We LOVE Aunt Kelly!  

 And all the boys!

 Uncle Case (or Taco as Coop calls him currently) sure is good to us little guys!

Hugs from Cooper

Can we open presents now??  Look at this loot.

Opening Presents........

A wand and a banana - what else does a girl need?

Time for some CAKE!!!

Woohoo!  Can you guys believe they are letting me get away with this? Ha!

Our little Ham!

All that cake made us need a wagon ride.   Load up Cooper, Madie and CoCo!

And then rest and maybe more cupcake.....

 Really, it was quiet magical! Ha!

 So thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us!  Our little cupcake had a blast!