Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Port A - Part 3!

Day 3 was another typical beach day, followed by dinner and dolphin watching.  We were especially excited because this was the day Chad, Kelly and Cooper were coming!

Madie hitting the boardwalk for her morning beach walk

Hanging out on the beach with MiMi and Case!

Catching waves

 Great dinner in town.  I think Ms. Madie got quite accostomed to eating out!

 We even found a park right on the water, how great is that?

 Chad and Coop discussing the dolphins

 Another great night in Port A!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Port A - Part 2

Day two was a typical beach vacation day.  Cinnamon toast for breakfast, followed by a walk on the beach collecting seashells, then hitting the beach for fun in the sun!

 Afternoon - swimsuit change!  We had 7 to get through :)

 We were excited that night when MiMi, Granddaddy and Case got there! 

 Watching dolphins with MiMi.  They were SO close, closer than I have ever seen them, I kept telling Madie it must have been to check her out and say hi!

This is what life is about!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Port A - Part 1

So we struck out this year on our first ever family vacation!  We headed south to Port Aransas for a week neither Mike or I will ever forget.  Port A holds so many wonderful memories for me.  It is the place I always remember going as a little girl, it is where my parents always let me bring a friend, it is where Chad and Kelly got engaged, where Mike and I took our first vacation together, where we went right before we found out we were pregnant with Madie and now the first place we ever took our daughter.  It was perfect, our kind of perfect.  In fact, I often say it just may be my favorite place on earth.

Here is Ms. Priss at 3:00am.  We decided to leave in the middle of the night so she would sleep, for the first hour we just kept hearing giggles and clapping.  She knew we were up to something great!

Our first stop was the State Aquarium in Corpus.  It was so much fun!  Madie loved it.

 Up close and personal with a shark!

 Then it was off to the condo.  Here is Madie the first time she saw the ocean from our balcony!

 Toes in the sand

 After our first stroll on the beach we headed into town to see what the boats brought in, Madie met this dog at the docks.  She kept chasing it around. Ha!

 Finally, dinner at Fins right on the water

What a great first night!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things........

We just returned from our very first family vacation to Port Aransas (took 283 pictures) and had a BLAST!  I  will post more later but thought I would start with my top ten list.

10.  Hearing Madie giggle in the backseat when we left at 2:46am.  She knew something was up and it was bound to be good

 9.  Madie's awe of the aquarium

 8.  Big brown eyes the first time she saw the ocean

 7.  Seeing just how fast my little girl can run

 6.  Calling the birds (thanks Daddy for teaching us that little trick)

 5.  Picking up seashells and then studying each one

 4.  Running with Grandaddy

 3.  Hanging with our sweet Cooper

 2.  Dolphin watching with MiMi

 1. Having a WONDERFUL first family vacation!