Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Month Old

Miss Marlie Grace is one month old today.  Here begins the "I cannot believe how fast time is going" posts.  But seriously?  One Month?  Marlie is so very sweet at this stage.  She is a definite snuggler and loves to be held.  Her favorite spot (when not in someone's arms) is the nap nanny.  She loves to watch her sister and look outside.  I am so taken by this little girl and love watching and wondering what she will become.  I have not doubts that she is going to be absolutely precious.  Marlie still has reddish hair and blue eyes!  So funny to me, guess she is taking after her Uncle Chad.  That would work!  Marlie has the sweetest smile and grants it regularly.  It melts my heart!  We are pretty routine in our eating, sleeping schedule  - meaning that is all we really want to do right now.  I am definitely soaking in every newborn sound, coo, grunt, and movement. If there is one thing I have learned as a parent it is that every moment is fleeting and precious.  We are so very blessed!

One Month Photo Opp
 Chilling watching her sister!

Little Ms. Talkative

Precious smiley girl

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jill of All Trades

Madie sure does wear a lot of hats around here!

Chef Madie preparing her special pasta...
 Complete with lots of Dada's spices
 Big sister watching over Marlie
 And dancer extraordinaire!  She even picked this outfit for an impromptu recital. Ha!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is the day.......

Disclaimer:  This post is a complete bragging opportunity. 

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice, I will rejoice and be glad in it.  It does not escape me that in between feedings, diaper changes, nap coordination and the million toy pick up how unbelievably blessed I am to be the mother of these two girls.  They are completely precious, too pretty for their own good, smart as whips and mine all mine!  I warned you in the disclaimer above and quite frankly only a mother (or grandparent) can talk about their kids this way.  Actually, I think it is a requirement!  Ha!

My sweet Madie watching her little sister Marlie in the morning.  

 My adorable Marlie talking to her Momma.  

 Madie rocking her fedora that she told Mimi she just HAD to have.

 My little artist painting
 Rejoicing in the day that the Lord has made!  Ha!  Our neighbors got quite the concert.  

I am so very tired lucky! Ha!

Splish Splash

I was taking a bath!  Marlie Grace had her first real bath this week.  It started out great.......

 But it ended a little something like this.

Ha!  It will get better I am sure!  

You Are My Sunshine

We have been cooped up in the house for a few weeks now so the first sign of good weather, we had to take advantage!  We struck out for the park and to feed the ducks.  Nothing like good 'ol sunshine to cure cabin fever!

First, Madie had to get her work done in the morning. Ha!  It just cracks me up because she goes and sits in front of the computer and types away.  You think they aren't watching!

Madie was absolutely fearless at the park. She went up and down every slide and even backwards!  I can't wait until we are big enough for Six Flags! Haha!

Swinging with Mimi

Me and my girls.  Marlie slept the whole time in the best invention ever Moby!
Next we were off to feed the ducks.  This poor goose had a broken leg and Madie was quite concerned that he get his fair share.  

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from the McQuitty girls! 

Madie had to make very special valentine's day cards for her friends at school.  She did such a great job!

 Here she is with her Valentine's day present from mommy and daddy. 
 And here is Marlie Grace's. 
 Marlie had a big Valentine's day too.  We had to head to the hospital for our PKU. :(  But she handled it like a champ and looked adorable.  
 The girls had an extra special surprise when Daddy came home.  Their first roses!!  

Mike and I even got a special treat, Super Mimi kept BOTH girls so we could go to dinner.  Woohoo!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chasing Fairies

Yesterday Madie and I decided we should try to catch some fairies.  We got our mason jar and set out to catch them.  You can only see the ones you catch in the dark which is why all the pictures are in my closet! Ha!

Here's Madie with her Fairy Jar....

 Shaking them up......
 Wow!  Look at all the ones we caught!
 Madie thought this was the coolest thing ever.  We almost never got to leave the closet.  It looks to me as some are escaping in this picture. 

I'm pretty sure that's who put this Q on Marlie's head later in the day!  Ha!

Friday, February 10, 2012

One Week

Look whose one week old!  Ms. Marlie Grace!  This week has been incredibly fast.  We are home from the hospital and settling into our new world.  Right now we mostly sleep, eat and receive tons of hugs and kisses from sister.  

 Marlie is benefiting from lessons learned.  Here she is before her one week appointment.  I remember Madie's first appointment, I had her so dressed up with no idea they would have me undress her when we got there.  Ha!  Marlie got to wear a super easy to remove one piece.  Doesn't Daddy look proud?

 Same pose, same day different daughter!
 Madie celebrated Marlie's one week with settling back into reality.  It was time to return to school.  We made cookies the night before to take to all her friends.
 Obviously we had to test them too.  Ha!

 The next day Madie was armed with a picture of "My Marlie" and her cookies.  She set off to school with a "Bye, I love you!"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Madie is quite the big sister!  She does such a good job watching over Ms. Marlie.  I am so lucky to have two precious sweet girls!

Madie singing to Marlie when she upset.  I laughed SO hard!!

The sweetest thing ever - Marlie spit up and it made her REALLY mad!  Madie kept kissing her saying "it's OK sister, it's OK. "  Oh be still my heart.  I knew she would be great, but she is more than I could imagine.  I am so proud.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Coming Home!

We got to bust out of the hospital on Friday!  We were so ready to head home and have our little family.  

Our first family photo!