Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Visit!

We convinced Mimi we just had to see her this weekend.  It was so much fun to get all the girls together.  OK - it's a little exhausting but I sure was glad to have her!

She came armed with ice cream for everyone.  Madie LOVED this!
 We took the girls to Southlake, but no shopping was accomplished.  We just hung out near the fountains!
 Ice cream may have been the weekend theme.  Ha!
 Marlie with Mimi
 Madie thought it was absolutely hysterical to spray herself in the face at the fountains!

Shortly after this picture Madie danced in front of some girls playing guitars and singing. It was so funny!  She even got Kiki out to dance too.  We finished the weekend with a living room picnic of pizza and Princess and the Frog.  Thanks for coming to see us Mimi!!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quack! Quack!

We took the girls to feed the ducks last week.  Madie always loves going and we have been taking her since she was as little as Marlie!

 Marlie enjoying some vitamin D!
 Pretty sure there was some quacking going on here

 I love this picture!  She was on a mission to tell me something really important!
 How sweet is this?
 Typical Madie - deep in conversation.
 Isn't this fun sister?
 Daddy and his girls

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Forward

Spring is the absolute best time of year. I love the day lasting a little longer, the smell of fresh cut grass, the crack of a baseball bat, but most of all I love sitting on the back porch enjoying the evenings. Here are my girls doing just that!

Marlie's face here cracks me up!  I think she is still wondering if we are the right family for her!!  Ha!
 Madie playing ball with Daddy

 More observation by Marlie!

 Can't you just hear her yelling "YAY!"  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh How I wonder

I look at both of my girls and wonder what it is God has designed them to be.  I pray every night that he equips me with the perfect words, skills, patience, discipline and sense of humor to raise these beautiful girls according to his plan.  All that being said, Madie really has me wondering these days.  Perhaps she will be......... 

A Race Horse Owner at the Kentucky Derby or a 
 Maybe a Cowgirl riding the range
 Although Dancer sure seems to be the front runner

Or perhaps she will be fashion forward trend setter!
 This picture cracks me up because she came out dressed like this and told me she was going to Mimi's.  She was very serious!  Ha!

Whatever they become the world will be better because of it, I just know it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Newborn Pics

Our good friend and photog Gara  ( did Marlie's newborn pics for us.  She did such a GREAT job, I completely over ordered and can now wallpaper my house in my girls.  It is so much fun to go back and look at Madie's pics to see how much they look alike! Madie's Newborn Pics

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sesame Street Live

We took the girls to Sesame Street Live today!  I knew that this was either going to be an epic fail or huge success, I mean who really tries to take a one month old and almost two year old to a live show?  US! And it was a huge success!  I knew it would be (wink, wink).  Madie is obsessed with Mo-Mo (Elmo) and Marlie slept the entire time.  Ha!

Ready to go to the show!
Me and my girls - notice Marlie is wearing her first tutu!  :)
Madie really liked Zoe.  Before the show Zoe, Murray, Bert and Ernie would come out and dance with the kids.   Madie admired them from a distance but did NOT want her Daddy to put her down. Ha!

This is the excitement of Marlie the entire show.  Ha!  She didn't sleep at all the night before (very tired Mommy and Daddy) but we decided perhaps that was just a little blessing in disguise because she sure did get her sleep on!
Cotton candy really is the breakfast of champions.  Really.
All our favorites in their opening act!

We really did have a great time!  I am one of those strange moms that gets a little teary eyed about just about everything involving their children.  It just fills my heart with joy when I see Madie having fun.  She was so entranced with the show and would dance a little jig occasionally.  We had such a fun day with our sweet girls and I am so lucky to have a husband who takes a chance on my crazy plans!