Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Royal Departure

One of Madie's very favorite friends, Emerson is moving to Chicago in a couple of weeks.  We decided to throw a little going away get together for her and a few friends. We went to Sweet & Sassy for a Royal Makeover and then the girls played at the fountains in Southlake.  They were all so excited to go to dinner together too and had a hard time saying our goodbyes!  

Carly, Ryden, Madie and Emi getting ready for manicures!

 Mae was VERY excited to have some eyeshadow.  

 Lovely little ladies
 Time to get our hair fixed and glitter on!

 Walking the runway!
 Sweet, sweet friends
 A quick pose with a couple of other princesses!

Four sweet friends

Mae was super excited to have petit fours!  

Classic Mae

I just love this picture of them all holding hands.  I can only imagine what the future holds for each of them but am so glad they have such good friends now!  We wish you the very best in Chicago Emi!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Time

We made our annual trip to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch today.  We had lots of fun with bounce house, hayrides, face painting and pumpkins galore!!

Fall Beach Trip!

One of the best things my parents have given me is the beach.  Yes, I think they gave it to me.  They have taken me there for as long as I remember and now Mike and I can take our girls for as long as they will be able to remember.  It is our place.  The place of a million sand footprints, serious conversations, sibling love and rivalry, family dinners, family fishing, family drives, just family.  And it is the very place I always feel that my soul finds rest.  I couldn't help getting a little emotional this time as I walked hand in hand with my girls down the same beach I have walked a thousand miles with my own mom.  I kept thinking how incredibly blessed we are.  How very thankful I am for all the memories I have and all the ones to come.  It didn't seem that very long ago that Mike and I walked that beach dreaming of what our life would be like together as newlyweds.  And here we are, our family of four.  I hope that many years from now our girls will be walking this very beach with their own families cherishing every footstep of the journey.  

The girls are ready to hit the road!

 We made a stop in San Antonio for lunch at Mi Tierra.  Poor little MG was starving - I don't know if I have ever seen her eat so fast!  Ha!
 As soon as we got unloaded at the condo we had to hit the beach!  We just can never get our toes in that sand quick enough

 After a quick trip to town to stock up on the staples, the girls began enjoying their very own ice cream.  Madie sat on the saddle the entire trip.  She kept saying how happy she was that her Granddaddy got it for her.  Ha!

This was the first trip that the girls shared a room that was just right for them.  AND - they did really good!  
 The next day included pool and beach fun.  And Madie's amazing goggles.  
 Every morning you could find Marlie Grace here.  She just loved sitting on the balcony right when she woke.

 Sand castle time!

 Mike and I even got a little time for some of our favorite past times.  Yes , that small dot is Mike surf fishing.  I was enjoying the balcony view!   ;)

 That evening we took the girls to town for dinner and a little shopping.  Of course, they needed new goggles!  
 That evening we started a new little adventure of walking the beach at night.  The girls thought it was awesome that they had glowing necklaces and their own flashlights.  They found some really good shells too!   
 The next morning Mike and the girls headed to boat to get us some fresh shrimp.  After they came back we went to town to get a golf cart.  We had a ball!  We drove all over town, went to try to find the alligator, ate lunch at a little burger shack on the beach and ended with a trip to the candy store.   SO much fun!  Madie thought it was fantastic that her daddy had never been on a golf cart on the beach before.  He drove it like he stole it though.  That's all I am saying.

 After nap, we had some fun at the pool and then had a little happy hour on the deck.  Complete with fresh shrimp cocktail and a friendly game of match.  That night Mike made shrimpapalooza and it was AMAZING.  On our second night walk we even saw a fox!  We could not believe it.  But MG thought it was a great reason to sing "What does the fox say?" the rest of the walk.   We had a lot of great days but this one may have been my favorite.  

 The next day on our morning walk looking for seashells, Mike found this seahorse.  I could not believe it!  We even found TWO sand dollars.  Unheard of.  But Marlie's favorite thing to find was coral.  No matter how big or small a piece, same level of enthusiasm.  CORAL!!
 Our last beach day the girls played and played and played.  They even did a little surf fishing with Mike. 

 The girls made a new friend on the boardwalk, Pita the ground squirrel.  He came out every time and would just stand there while we talked to him.  

Gratuitous Marlie shot.
 Although it's never fun to leave, we had to get back to reality at some point.  Marlie was making sure Granddaddy and Mimi's windows were just right for when they got there!  
 One last bayside lunch before heading home.  Until next time!