Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much to be thankful for

This was Madie's first Thanksgiving, and we have so very much to be thankful for.........

Like a week long trip to MiMi and Grandaddy's for a whole lot of fun and adventure

And playing in MiMi's basket

Or how about the most awesome toy store I ever laid my eyes on?

And then there were the double trouble rides. Where Madie and Cooper made sure whoever was carrying one would be carrying the other!

We can't forget the morning tea parties with Cooper and Uncle Chad (we are real thankful for Aunt Kelly too, but she was busy snapping pictures of Coop at the same time all these were taken!)

Our first trip to Cross Cut with Grandaddy

and the awesome Turkey Day outfit made just for Ms. Madie

 My first Thanksgiving meal - cheerios! (and my way cool Turkey bow)

Of course I am thankful for Uncle Case and riding around in his overall pouch

We are thankful for Brown Bear Brown Bear with Grandaddy

Shopping trips with Momma and MiMi

and trying on awesome hats!

Most of all, we are thankful for our family.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

7 Months

Where does the time go?  Although I feel as though I have loved Madie my whole life, it seems it was only yesterday that we welcomed our little angel into the world!  Ms. Madie has become quiet the little character.  She is a really happy, easy baby.  We take her everywhere and she does great!  I haven't even had to flee a restaurant in the middle of a meltdown yet.  I know, we are lucky!  Madie still only likes carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples and pears.  But she sure does eat those like a champ.  Her favorite mode of transportation is to roll ALL over the place.  We really have to watch where we sit her now because before long she has everything within arm's reach.  :)  Although we are not crawling yet, she sure is rocking and trying.  She gets SO frustrated because she knows that's the way to get around but she can't quiet work it out yet, it won't be long!  Madie is now eating Cheerios and she LOVES them, so does CoCo.  They are becoming fast friends as Madie is quick to share.  Madie's favorite toys are her zebra, tea set, and Daddy's remote!  She's the only one I have ever seen be able to charm him out of it!  We still love our bath and all the bath toys, she is even taking big girl baths now. Madie sleeps 12 hours a night and I can always hear her talking so sweet to her rabbit and seahorse in the mornings.  The very best part of Mike and I's day now is when Madie sees us after work.  She gets so excited, gives a huge smile and kicks her little feet so hard.  We both LOVE this so much!  Madie is definitely the light of our lives and I wonder every day how I got so lucky to be her mom.  That is a blessing beyond belief, we love you sweet Madie Lou!

Madie loves to play!

This horse is awesome!!!

Hmmm, what can I get now?

Being 7 months is a lot of work, resting with her friends

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Busy Girl

We have had two VERY busy weekends!  Last weekend, this little team called the Texas Rangers were in the World Series!  We have waited our whole lifetime to see this, heck so have MiMi and Grandaddy, so has anyone who has ever watched them because it was the first time EVER! Well, the wait was finally over and MiMi and Grandaddy got tickets to the big game.  Here they are before the game!

What do you mean I'm not coming?  Come on MiMi - slip me in your purse

They did see the only Ranger win!

The next day, MiMi and I struck out to Cowboys stadium to see the Boys in blue struggle once again.  Oh well,  been a fan all my life - for better or worse - unfortunately this season is worse!  But my sweet Daddy had gotten us tickets in a suite so really, who can complain.  They were going to loose and I was going to watch, I would rather watch it happen in style.  Ms. Madie stayed home with Daddy and Grandaddy for the day.  I still don't have the details but believe it went a little like this:  whatever Madie wants, Madie gets.

This weekend was Madie's first annual MiMi, Mommy, and Madie weekend!  Every year Mom and I start our Christmas shopping off with a bang.  Mostly, we go to all our favorite places, get lots of ideas, do girly things and laugh A LOT!  I couldn't wait to take Madie this weekend, and boy was she a champ!  She has already earned her shopping stripes.  We started out at Junior League's Holiday Magic and ended at what I like to call the "mothership", Stonebriar Mall.  We kept it short and sweet, unsure of Madie's tolerance level, but already know we can take it up a notch next year.  This weekend was one I have dreamt about - Me, my Momma and my little girl - one of our many adventures! 


I got my shopping bag and am ready to do some damage!

Taking time to smell the.....trees? 

Madie's first Tea Room. 

Day two- Fueling up.   (Don't worry- MiMi is only pretending!)

I like this one Mommy! 

Shopped til she dropped - literally!!